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Applying for a Scholarship

Scholars selected via recommendations by designated universities and schools

The Designated School Nomination System

A group of schools have been designated to participate in the scholarship program. (See list.) Each may recruit, screen and nominate candidates for scholarships. Their nominations are forward for final review and decision to the Rotary selection committee within the school’s Rotary district. The selection process, therefore, is two-tiered: the first stage is conducted by the school and the second stage by the Rotary selection committee.

a) Applicants must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a school designated by the selection committee of the respective Rotary district, and must meet the scholarship program’s eligibility requirements.
b) A listing of designated schools is issued in the beginning of August each year. Those wishing to apply for a scholarship should check whether their school of enrollment in the following April is included in the list. If so, an application package may be obtained from the school’s foreign student office.
c) Please note that the designated schools and number of nomination quotas allocated to each may change from year to year.