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Sewa Clubs and Counselors – Unique to the Foundation

Besides receiving financial support, Yoneyama Scholars also enjoy warm fellowship and encouragement from their host Rotary clubs and counselors.

Sewa (Host) Clubs

Among the some 2,300 Rotary clubs throughout Japan, one is designated to host each Yoneyama Scholar. It is called the “Sewa Club.” The Scholars are expected to attend the host club’s meetings and develop close relationships with its members. In so doing, they are expected to possess themselves of the Rotarian spirit of “service above self,” while deepening their understanding of international exchange. To this end, the Scholars are to participate in their host club’s community service and outreach activities, take part in fellowship meetings, give speeches, and attend at least one their host club’s regular meetings each month.

Counselors and Club Members

Among the host club’s members, one person is designated as the Yoneyama Scholar’s counselor. S/he is charged with looking after the Scholar’s personal needs. Associating closely with the counselor and other club members gives the Scholar an excellent opportunity to get to know Japanese of various generations and occupations, while learning from firsthand experience the Rotarian spirit of service to others. When cultivated, these associations may grow and yield opportunities of mutual benefit after the Scholars have obtained their degrees. The Rotarians, on the other hand, may deepen their insights and understanding of other cultures through their association with the Scholars.