About Us


The scholarship supports excellent students from other countries who are studying or doing research at Japanese institutions of higher learning and who will go on to play active roles in both their own countries and international society.

During their stays in Japan, Yoneyama Scholars experience firsthand Japanese culture and customs, enabling them to form bridges between their countries and Japan. Through their interactions with rotary club members, it is hoped that the Scholars will cultivate within themselves a strong spirit of societal participation. In the future, they will be expected to make their own contributions to cultivating and sustaining world peace and harmony, an ideal embraced by all Rotarians.

In selecting Yoneyama Scholars, emphasis is placed on three attributes: (1) academic performance, (2) intercultural understanding, and (3) communication ability.

(1) Academic performance Have clearly defined study and/or research goals and work diligently to achieve excellent results.
(2) Intercultural Understanding Endeavor to develop a good understanding of other languages, cultures and customs.
(3) Communication Ability Beyond linguistic skills, develop an ability to communicate in a manner that facilitates a flexible understanding and acceptance of others.