Yoneyama Alumni Associations

What is a Yoneyama alumni association?

Yoneyama alumni associations are organized by former Yoneyama Scholars. There are 33 associations in Japan. There are also nine overseas associations in Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, Nepal, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Myanmar.

Whereas all of the associations give former Yoneyama Scholars an opportunity to continue interacting and networking with Rotarians and fellow Scholars, each association has its own agenda of activities. For example, some participate in orientations and training for newly arriving Scholars, others hold activities–cultural, service, sports, and/or social, many of which are carried out jointly with Rotary clubs and other alumni associations.

How to apply?

The Foundation sends a welcome package to Yoneyama Scholars who are finishing their scholarships. If you do not receive it, please contact our staff by e-mail: